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Thunderbird Coffee

01 Jun 2008

Every Sunday, I have coffee with my friend Jeff. Occasionally, we venture out beyond my front porch to sample some of the fine coffee shops around town. Usually this involves me getting into his car and ending up wherever he decides to take me. Today we wound up at Thunderbird Coffee.

This place may be my new favorite place to have coffee (aside from my front porch). The interior is high-ceilinged and unpretentious. The patio is wonderful. The staff are pleasant and efficient. They are locally owned and operated. Oh, and they have free wi-fi. We showed up at 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning, so it wasn’t very crowded (which I find heavenly, especially on a Sunday morning). From looking at their blog, it does appear that they have drink specials and evening live music events periodically, so I’m guessing the crowd’s more hoppin’ after dark.

We ordered our coffees and breakfast snacks and found a less-sunny spot on the patio and hunkered down to enjoy our purchases and talk about life. Jeff had a monster truck of a mocha. It was funny watching the barista making it - the mug was already full - and then it was artfully topped with whipped cream, and then the lily was gilded with an equally artful squirt of chocolate syrup. Miraculously, he made it to our table without spilling. As if all that chocolate wasn’t enough, he had a chocolate chip cookie on the side! I had a wonderfully moist pumpkin muffin and a cup of plain old-fashioned drip coffee. Both of us were very happy with our breakfast.

Definitely, this place seems like it could be ideal for sprawling out on the patio with your friends and knocking back a couple of espressos or Lone Stars as your mood dictates. This would also be a good one for many repeat visits.

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