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Salvation Pizza

08 Mar 2008

I was unhappy when Starlite moved locations. I feel the restaurant was better when it was in the little converted house on 34th street. However, the pizza joint that moved in instead, Salvation Pizza, is generally a winner, and I’m happy to report the pizza is delicious.

There are a variety of pizzas on the menu at Salvation Pizza. On this particular visit (with my husband and a couple of friends from college), we opted for one pizza with clams and lemon and bacon and another with chicken, prosciutto, and sage. The food here has been sort of hit or miss in the past, but tonight they were spot-on. Both our pies were incredible. In particular, the clam and lemon and bacon pizza was crazy tasty. Fresh lemon and brine flavors paired well with the smoky bacon. The crusts here are nearly perfect - thin and exquisitely crispy-chewy.

I hinted at this above, but the venue is actually very pleasant with the overall feel of the place being an odd blend of punk-rock and homeyness. The interior is small, but there is a spacious patio out front, and with good beers and wines on the menu, it’s a great place to relax and catch up with friends (which may be why it can take some time to get a table on busy nights). The only website I found for the place was a myspace page (above), but a little more information can currently be found here.

If you visit and catch them on a bad day and have a less than stellar experience, try it again. When they’re on, they’re on, and then it’s tough to find a better pizza in Austin.

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