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My First Award

23 Oct 2008

Jo over at the Adventures of Kitchen Girl gave me an award yesterday - The Excellent Blog Award. I’m generally pretty tickled that anyone even reads my blog - the fact that someone likes it enough to give me an award has me beside myself. To do it justice and continue the chain of good karma, here are the etiquette / protocol rules I’m guessing at and the fine bloggers to whom I’m forwarding the award.

![Excellent Blog Award](/images/4e4293a7.jpg)First, here are my (semi-) educated guesses at the correct protocol to follow (fellow bloggers, if I’m mistaken, please feel free to gently correct me):
+ Give the award to folks who’ve not already received it
+ Stick to your own genre
+ Notify the recipients and refer them back to your post

If these don’t quite reflect the correct etiquette, let me know. If necessary, I’ll do what I can to fix it.

Here are the blogs that I’m sending this award to:

The Hungry Mouse - Jessie’s food is at once hearty and refined, and her posts are well photographed, making them highly instructive. Plus, she updates very frequently, so there’s always something new.

The Pink Peppercorn - Gail’s inspired recipes make me wish I could be so creative, and her photography often makes my stomach rumble. Plus, I love her views on healthy eating!

What Do I Want to Cook Today - Don’t let Jan fool you with her often humble demeanor. She prepares delicious-sounding food, some traditionally English, some wildly adventurous.

London Eater - Kang’s incredible writing draws me in and makes me wish like crazy that I lived in London. A must-read even if you’re situated in central Texas.

Fig and Cherry - Christie is an exuberant Australian food blogger whose cuisine is wonderfully all over the map. Plus she manages to pull off Vegemite Caramel - gotta love that.

There. Hopefully I’ll have done this correctly and the folks in my list will have their days brightened a bit as mine was yesterday. If this keeps up, soon the whole of the food blog community will have been bestowed an award of some kind. Maybe we’ll be of the Lake Wobegon school of thought - where all the food bloggers are above average.

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