The Hungry Engineer

Beer Bread

07 Mar 2008

I happened to notice mention of making Beer Bread on a friend of mine’s blog. Fortunately, she was kind enough to send me a link to the recipe!

The bread is a simple quick-bread with very few ingredients. It took right at an hour to prepare from start to finish (not counting the time it took to bring the beer up to room temperature). The bread was delicious! It was moist and mildly sweet and the beer flavor was distinctly evident but not overwhelming. I’m excited to try this one again with other beers and interesting add-ins. My friend made the bread with Guinness (who doesn’t love Guinness). I had considered trying one with either a pumpkin-ale or with hard apple cider and spicing it up with some cinnamon and cloves. And then there’s always Young’s Double Chocolate Stout – that sounds pretty interesting – maybe with some dark chocolate chips stirred in for good measure. With such a straightforward base recipe, the options are endless. And being so easy to prepare, I’m tempted to try out many variations.

(NOTE: One permutation I was planning to try was substituting alternate “flours” for some of the self-rising white flour called for in the recipe. I looked around for formulae for making your own self-rising flour. Seems in most cook books and internet sources, the agreed upon ratio is 1 cup flour : 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder : ½ teaspoon salt.)

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