The Hungry Engineer

Mea Culpa

14 Jan 2009

It was recently suggested by my spouse that I should let everyone know why I haven’t been posting lately. Also, I’ve recently noticed that I’m woefully behind on my emails. Ordinarily, I’m a fairly considerate person. This time, I just didn’t handle things properly. For that, I apologize.

We’ve spent nearly every spare moment since we’ve gotten back from the holidays getting our three bedrooms emptied out and repaired, re-textured, and painted. Our master plan has been to get this all finished before the installers arrive next week to lay down our new floor - I think we might even make it. It has been a fairly involved project, and suffice to say, I’ve been completely exhausted - too exhausted, it seems, to get my head together to write a post.

Bear with me for (hopefully) a few more days. I have a few fun food adventures still to tell you about from our holiday travels. Plus, I have a gob of really interesting cookbooks and other food literature that I was fortunate enough to receive as Christmas gifts. There will be tons to experiment with and write about in the coming year.

We just need to get this blessed flooring project finished.

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